Christopher E. Mandel

Christopher E. Mandel is the founder and president of Excellence in Risk Management, LLC, an independent consulting firm specializing in governance, risk and compliance, with a special emphasis on enterprise risk management. Chris is also SVP and Director of the Sedgwick Institute where he leads thought leadership activity there. From 2001-2010, Chris was head of enterprise risk management for USAA Group, a Fortune 200 diversified financial services organization. At USAA, he designed, developed and led the enterprise-wide risk management and corporate insurance centers of excellence. He also served as President and Vice Chairman, Enterprise Indemnity CIC, Inc., an Arizona based alternative risk financing facility. Currently he is also EVP and Head of Professional Services for rPM3 Solutions.

Mr. Mandel has more than 30 years of experience in risk management and insurance in large, global corporates. He has pioneered the development of cross-enterprise risk management capabilities resulting in S&P rating USAA as "excellent and a leader in ERM" from 2006 through 2010. In 2007, Treasury and Risk Magazine bestowed the Alexander Hamilton Award for "Excellence in ERM" on USAA related to his work. Chris has been a long term senior leader in the Risk and Insurance Management Society including being elected President and Chief Risk Officer and was named Risk Manager of the Year in 2004. He was also awarded the RIMS’ Goodell Award in 2016 for lifetime achievement and contributions to the risk management profession.

Mr. Mandel's deep, wide and diverse experience in all facets of risk management and insurance allows him to offer those interested in managing risk with excellence to engage him and his selected colleagues, to provide everything from a comprehensive strategy and complete ERM framework to targeted risk guidance, tools, techniques, policies and/or training. Chris's innovative approach to making risk a key strategically placed and results oriented function results from solidly connecting risk management outputs to a company's key performance metrics and ultimately, mission accomplishment.