Resources & Credentials

  • ERM, LLC works in collaboration with other independent risk consultants assembling just the right skill-sets for each engagement allowing for cost effective delivery of services
  • Chris Mandel, president, has over 30 years of experience in large, global corporate risk and is the designer of the award winning ERM program at USAA Group, rated “excellent” by S&P 2006-2010.
  • Chris Mandel is a Board Director and former EVP for rpm3 Solutions (see:
  • Profile at:
  • USAA’s Results During My Tenure 2001-2010
    • 2006-2010: USAA rated “excellent in ERM” by S&P
    • 2001-2010: Increasing profitability
    • 2001-2010: Significantly increasing surplus and financial strength
    • 2001-2010: Growing customer base and market share
    • 2001-2010: Increasingly strong brand recognition and reputation